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  • Pig Candy Pig Pile Crunch Pub Mix

    $5.00 $4.50


    A New Spin on our Pig Candy Pig Pile Crunch.. This batch is stuffed with good stuff. Pretzels - splits- Gems - Sourdough Nibblers, Pressels, Cheese Curls, Cheddar Cheese Combos, Sesame Sticks, Butter Snaps, Honey Mustard/ Cheddar Sourdough Hard Pretzels, Cheez-it, Cheese Crispers, Dill Crackers, Quinoa Chips, Bread Sticks, Pea Crisps, Herb Crackers, Grooves, Cheese Balls, Honey Roasted Sesame Sticks,Cheddar Chex Mix, Rice Crackers, Snap'd Cheez-it and Original Pig Candy